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A rubbish Chute is an inclined vertical duct (often metallic) that is joined to a house, and from the other end, it leads out to the garbage tank. A rubbish Chute is necessary for most tall buildings where it will not be practical or viable to dispose of your garbage every day.

Every day, tons of garbage is disposed of through the Rubbish Chute. It’s quite evident that Rubbish Chutes are home to various kinds of insects & recurring foul smells that can be very harmful to your kids, pets, and even you, so it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness or hygiene of Rubbish Chute a timely basis.

Improper replacement of rubbish chutes can result in unpleasant odours permeating your home environment. This issue can attract bugs and pests, affecting the overall hygiene and comfort of your residence. In such situations, opting for proper rubbish chute replacement or repair becomes necessary to resolve these issues effectively.

When to Replace your Rubbish Chute?

  • When the rubbish chute door does not function correctly, you have to forcefully open or close it.
  • The handles and hinges fixed by the HDB rubbish chute replacement contractor have become loose now. It could be due to careless pulling and low maintenance. But you need to replace and repair the rubbish chute’s handle or hinges to prevent insects’ entry into your home.
  • As soon as you see rusting on your rubbish chute, call for a replacement. Rusting causes further damage to your rubbish chute and hinders its functionality.
  • If you notice a sudden growth of pests, bugs, or insects in your home, consider checking your rubbish chute. It is a possibility that you need Condo rubbish chute replacement.
  • A foul odour emanates from your rubbish chute.

If you encounter any of the issues mentioned above, replace or repair your rubbish chute immediately. Get in touch with a Plumbing services company in Singapore for rubbish chute replacement.

We are also an HDB rubbish chute replacement contractor and have been doing the installation & maintenance of Rubbish Chutes for many commercial and residential buildings. Our maintenance service includes cleaning, pest sprays, HDB rubbish chute repair, and replacement of the rubbish chute.

Benefits of Rubbish Chute

Convenience in Waste Disposal: Disposing of large volumes of waste through the rubbish chutes is convenient simply because you will not be required to dispose of the waste by carrying it up and down the stairs. This is convenient for people living in high-rise buildings.

Hygiene: Properly maintained rubbish chutes will allow and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. This will ensure that the living environment is clean and safe.

Pest Control: Rats and cockroaches are kept out of buildings by well-sealed rubbish chutes. This will reduce the risks of infestation.

Odour Control: Sealed chutes prevent foul odours from reaching other parts of the buildings. This allows better air quality for the buildings.

Eliminate persistent rubbish chute issues and maintain a clean, pest-free home with our professional HDB and condo rubbish chute replacement services. Contact us now for a free quote.

How to Replace Your Rubbish Chute?

Rubbish chutes play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene in tall buildings by providing a proper and convenient means of rubbish disposal. Over time, these chutes can experience wear and tear, impacting their effectiveness. Timely HDB rubbish chute repair or replacement is essential to ensure a clean and healthy living environment for residents.

There are four steps in replacing your rubbish chute:

Step 1: Measurement

We measure the size of your current rubbish chute.

Step 2: Selection

There are alternative materials available with various designs. In terms of material, you can choose from stainless steel or aluminium. Both elements have different characteristics.

Step 3: Installation

Our team takes care of the Installation of the chute. They make sure that it is sealed and working well.

Step 4: Final Inspection

Once fitted, we check the chute and ensure it is in good working order. We will provide you with maintenance tips to keep the chute in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Issues like poor sealing and sticking doors are common with rubbish chute systems. It’s important not to force a stuck door as this can lead to further damage. Instead, it’s advisable to contact a professional HDB rubbish chute replacement contractor. They can assess the situation, perform necessary repairs, and ensure the door functions correctly to prevent recurring issues. This proactive approach helps maintain the functionality of the rubbish chute system without frequent interventions.

There are various types of hoppers available to suit different needs. Stainless steel hoppers are known for their durability and ease of regular cleaning. Aluminium hoppers, on the other hand, are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Some hoppers come with additional features like locking mechanisms and magnetic seals designed to prevent pests and odours from escaping. These features enhance the functionality and hygiene maintenance of the hopper systems in various environments.

The cost of HDB or condo rubbish chute replacement varies depending on factors such as size, material, and any customization required. HDB rubbish chutes typically have standard sizes, making them straightforward and affordable to replace. In contrast, condominium garbage chutes often require custom sizing, which involves specific measurements and fittings, potentially increasing project costs. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide a customized quotation tailored to your needs and specifications.

Drop us a call to get a free quote today if you are considering the option of Rubbish Chute Replacement/HDB Rubbish Chute repair!