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Leaking Pipe Repair and Water Tap Leaking

Many people do invest lots of money in bathroom to give it gorgeous look by installing branded and elegantly designed sinks, steel water taps, and modern design showers too. However, it gives a good feeling to have such amazing and crystal clear sinks and water taps in bathroom that add more value to the private space at home. But, the situation gets awkward when you face water tap leakage issue in bathroom. It is always irritating for everyone to have water leakage, which may lead to the waste of water as well as wetness in bathroom every time. Hence, it is necessary to fix water leakage issue with pipes and water taps in bathroom as soon as possible.

Leaking water shall never be left unattended as it’s just a spark which later can go worse. Leaking water can leads to seepage and weaken not only your walls, floors and roofs but also of your neighbours so in the long run it might have damaging effect. So if you spot any leakage of water try to get rid of it by calling a trusted plumber.

Wall leaking water will not have much impact in shorter term and you may fix it later or whenever you have time but in case of burst pipe we need to act fast, as in no time it can make not only bathroom but the whole house a mess. If you ever get stuck in a situation of burst pipe, never panic, first close the tap or main water supply connection and call a plumber.

Most of water leakage issues & burst pipe situation will never appear or will appear after a very long time if you are using genuine/branded parts in your bathroom and installing them with help of known and trusted plumber. Heng Plumbing has been fixing issues of water leakage and burst copper pipes, is a reliable bathroom plumber. We provide burst pipe repair generally with two methods, using a C-clamp or a sleeve clamp to seal from pinhole leaks to larger leaks. Call now for all your bathroom plumbing needs.

If you still do not find way to get rid of water tap leakage or pipe burst issue at bathroom, you should not be late to call to the plumbing experts. For betterment, you may approach to the “Heng Plumbing” in Singapore and get the best bathroom plumbing solutions at affordable charges. The company has finest plumbers, who have good practice to fix issues of water taps, plumbing leak repair and burst pipes to repair through possible ways. So, do not wait much and call the plumbers of the agency now!

It is always irritating to have water tap leaking issues at bathroom, which sometimes lead to the situation of ceiling in walls and floor decay. You should turn off the water supply. Also, many people do not like wetness in bathroom all the time. So, if you are facing water leakage problem in bathroom and want to fix it soon, you should contact to the professional plumbers in your city. It is recommended hiring emergency plumber from recognized plumbing agency in Singapore.

Things to Recognize Before Hiring Plumbers in Singapore


  • Check with license and market reputation of plumbing agency that should be genuine and impressive.
  • The plumbing agency should have skilled plumbers, who hold vast experience in all kinds of bathroom plumbing works like fixing water tap leakage, burst pipe repair, clogged sink clearance, bathtub cleaning and repairing, etc. Make sure plumbers do perform all the plumbing works with quality and safety.
  • Plumber should provide timely services and can fix issues with water taps and sink clogging in a few hours.
  • The plumbing agency should charge reasonably for all types of bathroom plumbing services.


For quality rich and time-bound bathroom plumbing services in Singapore, you can call to the “Heng Plumbing”, which is a right stop to get world-class plumbing solutions for any type of water leakage, toiled clogging, sink clogging, and else bathroom at reasonable charges.

One integral part of every bathroom is water heater. We also provide water heater installation.

You are welcome call us for advice. Quick Response & Trustworthy Plumber