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Do plumbing-related issues often bother you? Every household/commercial office are bound to have plumbing repair at some stage of time. If you choose any ordinary plumber to fix these issues then there is a high percentage of chances that the issue will recur very soon or often. Imagine experiencing a plumbing related issue while you are in the middle of a bath or running late for your office and it certainly can get pretty inconvenient all of a sudden, right? Is there anything we can do about it? The answer is yes. All you need to do is to get the right local plumbers – Heng Plumbing then you can be assured that issues are fixed permanently. From sink, basin, any kind of leakage, water pipes, water heaters, bathtubs to toilet water leaking repair, We are the the most recommended plumber singapore to Fix each kind of plumbing issue.

How to Have Sudden Plumbing Issue Resolved in No Time?

If you really do not want to face such troublesome situations, you ought to look for one reliable and affordable plumbing service nearby. You have to look for a plumbing service that is not only affordable but offers a wide range of plumbing services in Singapore. Also, it is always wise to look into the track record of a plumbing contractor in Singapore before hiring its services. If you are wondering as to how much time it may take, it certainly will not take more than one to two hours to find one such provider.

Why Choose Us?

We understand how difficult things can get all of a sudden with a plumbing-related issue at home or office. Over the years, we have helped many of our clients break out of their inconveniences relating to plumbing issues. We have a perfect knowledge of all the possible plumbing-related issues and also, we train our staff on the most advanced ways to handle these issues. In addition to this, our staffs are well equipped as well.

Over the years, we have handled many challenging tasks to help our clients and also, we came across many cases wherein clients actually hired some other plumbing service. The local plumbers that they hired could not get them a permanent solution to their problems. However, we had been able to get them a permanent solution and that pretty much helped us win the confidence of our clients from time to time.

Also, we have very proactive customer support and you can reach us anytime with having to wait for much longer. It takes about seconds to connect to our live support. Every time you have an issue, you can simply let us know by contacting our support and we will at once send our team all the way to your doorsteps.

Are Plumbing Services in Singapore Expensive?

The Price of a Plumber in Singapore actually depends on the extent to which an accessory may need a repair, like for emergency plumber, the cost may differ. Also, it depends on the extent of damage that needs to be repaired. However, ever since we started, we have always tried to offer our services at the most competitive prices. You can certainly rest assured of the right value for your money as you hire our service. Also, this is something we have largely proved over the years and you can actually find it in many of the online reviews pertaining to our service.

Why Should You Hire A Plumbing Contractor In Singapore?

Plumbing problems are one of those issues that cannot resolve on their own. You need to avail services of the best plumber in Singapore in order to get away from the nuisances that plumbing can cause. When you hire a plumbing contractor in Singapore, it will come with various benefits and advantages for you. A professional plumbing company in Singapore knows its work, can fix all the issues properly, and provide excellent plumbing services in Singapore.

Economical Plumber Cost In Singapore

Plumbing services in Singapore price vary depending on the extent of work required. However, plumbing companies offer affordable plumber costs in Singapore.

Have Necessary Training And Skills

A plumbing company in Singapore will have professional and the best plumber in Singapore. You can trust it with quality work and expertise.

Convenient Local Plumbers

The plumbing contractor in Singapore manages and handles all the repair and installation work. They provide the best local plumbers and offer convenience.
Contact Heng Plumbing for economical plumbing services in Singapore price and excellent plumbing services in Singapore.

Our Services


Ceiling Leak Repair with PU Injection

Heng Plumbing has been providing solutions for water leaking from ceiling by injecting PU (polyurethane). Polyurethane is injected in cracks/ spaces of the floor by applying low/high pressure. It expands and fill the cracks/spaces making it rigid and hence preventing the water to pass through it. 

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Sanitary Installation

Sanitary wares mainly includes all ceramic plumbing fixtures such as sinks, lavatories, bidet sprayer, toilet bowls, bath tubs etc. Ceramic sanitary wares are generally long lasting and easily maintainable as they can be easily cleaned. They are not reactive to most of the chemicals used for cleaning them and can take enough. 

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Toilet Bowl Choke

Clogged toilet and toilet bowl choke is a common problem at every bathroom in home or office. This situation arises due to human mistakes like flushing lots of tissues, cotton swabs, hairs, soap, and other things which are not soluble in water. It’s time to call for the experts and Heng Plumbing is just a call away.

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Rubbish Chute Replacement

Rubbish Chute is a necessity for most tall buildings where it will not be practical or viable to dispose your garbage every day. We have been doing installation & maintenance of Rubbish Chutes for many commercial as well as residential building. 

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Water Heater Installation

Heng Plumbing has been providing water heater installation solutions and also doing foolproof maintenance and repair works at reasonable prices, for more details please contact. We have plumbers in Singapore having many years of experience in water heater services like water.

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Toilet Bowl Repair Singapore

Toilet damage may lead water leakage issues that further can pollute bathroom environment too. At “Heng Plumbing”, you will get the all types of toilet plumbing services such as toilet repair, toilet leaking water, water leaking from toilet tank, toilet cleaning, etc. 

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Kitchen Pipe Choke - Clogged Sink

In every home, kitchen is a significant area, where you cook food for everyone. However, it is necessary to maintain high-grade cleaning and hygienic effect at the kitchen in home. You can call “Heng Plumbing”, the leading plumbing service providers in Singapore to for plumbing repair. 

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Bathroom Plumbing

Many people do invest lots of money in bathroom to give it gorgeous look by installing branded and elegantly designed sinks, steel water taps, and modern design showers too. For quality rich and time-bound bathroom plumbing services in Singapore, you can call to the “Heng Plumbing”.

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