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HDB residences often suffer from hidden plumbing problems. Therefore, understanding HDB guidelines related to installing and repairing your home’s plumbing system is crucial for any HDB plumber services. K. Heng Plumbing is a company based in Singapore, known for its efficient and quality HDB plumbing services. Our team of HDB plumbers addresses concerns for homeowners and business proprietors, offering guidance from consultation to project completion.

Our HDB Plumbing Services Include:

  • Installation of pipes for various fixtures
  • Repair of water heaters (both storage or instant)
  • Pipe leakage solutions
  • Replacement of toilet flooring, shower screens, doors, etc.
  • Clearing of clogged pipes, basins, and floor traps
  • Installation of new pipes or re-piping for the entire house
  • Repair and replacement of toilet bowls, accessories, taps, sink bowls, etc.

You May Need Our Services when:

  • Your tap is unable to dispense hot water due to water heater issues
  • Your water heater starts leaking and causes flooding
  • Your toilet bowl or drain becomes clogged
  • There is leakage in your bathroom and kitchen pipes.

Before Choosing a Plumber, Ensure:

  • They have a team of HDB-licensed plumbers accredited by the Public Utilities Board Singapore
  • They provide a workmanship warranty
  • They are accredited by reputable organizations
  • They have a history of successful plumbing projects with positive feedback.

What Sets Our Company Apart?

  1. Experience & Knowledge: Our time working in the plumbing industry equips us to tackle any challenge. Whether it’s a leak or blockage in an HDB flat, our team can easily identify the issue. Along with the right tools and knowledge, we are ready to resolve any plumbing issues in your home.
  2. Swift Response: Having a pipe burst at the most inconvenient moment? We understand the frustration and inconvenience it will bring. This is why we prioritise swift action – if there is a plumbing concern in your HDB unit, we will respond to it promptly to ensure minimal disruption in your daily life.
  3. PUB Licensed: We’re a certified plumbing company recognised by the Public Utilities Board Singapore for working in HDB flats. We stick to the rules, maintain top-notch standards, and deliver solid, reliable plumbing work. No shortcuts here.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Here at K. Heng Plumbing, we prioritize the customers’ needs. Rather than simply fixing the pipes in your HDB unit; we foster a bond with our customers. Our approach is proactive, attentive, and geared towards ensuring the customers’ satisfaction.
  5. Transparent Pricing: Nobody likes hidden charges, especially for plumbing invoices for an HDB flat. That’s why we provide clear cost breakdowns upfront. No concealed charges, no unwelcome shocks. Just honest, transparent pricing. We believe in open, upfront pricing that allows you to understand exactly what you are paying for.
  6. Positive Track Record: Our track record of contented customers and good reviews for our work in various HDB units speaks volumes. Choose our services and you might be the next one to leave a review with a smile on your face.

Contact a Plumber for these 6 Common Situations in a HDB

Lack of Hot Water: Nothing can be more frustrating than a sudden lack of hot water. This issue is often caused by a failing water heater, a damaged heating coil, or problems with the water supply. To identify the cause and resolve it, professional help is essential. K. Heng Plumbing specializes in detailed inspection and repair, ensuring your hot water is restored quickly and efficiently.

Water Heater Leak: Leaky hot water heating systems typically result from pipe damage or poor wire connectivity. While these issues may seem minor initially, if left unaddressed, they can lead to flooding and pose an electrical hazard. Our team of HDB plumbers performs inspections, repairs, and replacements to address leakages, preventing potential accidents and ensuring your system’s safety and efficiency.

Clogged Drains: Clogged drains are one of the most common issues in HDB units, typically caused by hair, soap, grease, and other debris. Clogs can lead to foul odours and health hazards in your drainage system. Our professionals use the latest techniques and tools to ensure your system remains clog-free, allowing water to drain quickly and safely, and eliminating any potential health risks.

Clogged Toilet Bowl: Clogging in toilet bowls can result from excessive waste flushed beyond the drainage system’s capacity or due to prolonged use of an aging bowl. Minor clogs can typically be resolved with a plunger, but significant blockages necessitate professional assistance. K. Heng Plumbing ensures the most efficient repair of toilet bowl issues.

Leaking Pipe & Tap: Leaky pipes and faucets can lead to higher water bills and potential structural damage. Signs to watch for include water stains, mold growth, and unusual noises from within walls. Our HDB plumbers specialize in detecting and fixing leaks to maintain a dry and damage-free home environment for you.

Clogged Sink: Dealing with a clogged sink can be incredibly frustrating, often caused by leftover food residue, grease buildup, or other objects. At K. Heng Plumbing, our team addresses this issue effectively to restore order to your kitchen promptly.

When it pertains to plumbing services for your HDB flat, look no further than K. Heng Plumbing. We are ready to address all your plumbing needs – feel free to give us a call!

Drop us a call to get a free quote today if you are considering the option of water heater installation, replacement, and repair!