DM 30 Dec 2020

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used places at home. Due to which, you need to take extra care of the bathroom essentials and the maintenance of toilet, shower, or tub. Toilet plumbing problems are quite common and can occur anytime. Some of the issues you can handle yourself, while some might require services of a professional plumbing contractor in Singapore.

9 Common Toilet Plumbing Problems

Clogged Or Blocked Toilet

You might have experienced a clogged or partially clogged toilet at home. This clogging or blocking could be because of any solid item stuck down the draining line. You will notice that the water discharge is slow when you flush the toilet. The water bowl will refill, but water will go down sluggishly.

Flushing of tissues, sanitary pads or wipes can obstruct your toilet. Anything that is non-biodegradable will remain in the pipeline and cause blockage instead of decomposing. Therefore, try to avoid flushing anything solid and non-synthetic.

Toilet Leaks

A toilet can leak water in many ways. Water can flow from supply line in the tank, at the bottom of the toilet, below the seat of the toilet, inside the toilet bowl, and other places. You will see a puddle of water around your toilet always, oryou might find your toilet bowl empty.

Identifying the source of leakage in the toilet is challenging. This water can damage your bathroom flooring and tiles. Also, if the bathroom is located above any room, the water can drip down and cause ceiling leakage.

So, you need to address this toilet plumbing problem immediately and find its source. If you have any trouble, you can always take help from a plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Toilet Does Not Flush Correctly

When you flush, the toilet does not flush correctly. Now, this problem could be due to a clogged toilet, when the water does not go down and starts overflowing. Another reason could be that the flush handle is not working properly, and the toilet tank does not release water in an appropriate quantity.

Moreover, a damaged flapper that seals the flush valve can also cause this problem. So, you need to make sure that the installation of the flapper is proper and accurate for the toilet.

Toilet Tank Drips Water Constantly

The water fills up on its own in the toilet tank after you flush. However, if you keep hearing water dripping into the toilet tank, it means there is an issue. It could mean this persistent water flow is due to a leak in the toilet tank. This leak could be anywhere from the toilet tank to the pipeline, or the system. That is why identifying the cause of this dripping can be a bit complicated.

Toilet Tank Or Bowl Has Low Level Of Water

When you flush the toilet tank, it starts filling up automatically. However, if you notice low water levels in the tank, then it indicates a problem. It would mean that the water is leaking from somewhere. Another reason could be a crack in the pipe or tank.

Moreover, same as the toilet tank, the toilet bowl also has water present in it, constantly. If you see the water level going higher after flushing, it would indicate a clogged toilet. However, if the water level drops in the toilet bowl, it means the bowl has some toilet plumbing issue. You need to address the problem to prevent water wastage.

Ghost Flushing

Sometimes, the toilet tank starts refilling after flushingthe toilet itself, even though you have not flushed it. This issue is known as ghost flushing because the toilet tank loses water without flushing. It indicates that your toilet has an internal or external problem. It could happen several times a day, at different intervals.

In this case, you need to check if there is any pool of liquid around your toilet. It would indicate any external leak if the water is visible on the floor. However, if the leak is internal, you will not see any water on the floor.

Water Keeps Running In The Toilet After Flush

When you flush your toilet, the water stops running after some time. However, if the water does not stop running, it means there is an issue with the toilet’s flapper valve. The valve is not sealing the toilet tank properly, due to which the water keeps flowing.

To solve this problem, you need to replace the flapper valve. However, it could be tricky to repair a tank flush, so contact a plumbing contractor in Singapore for a specialist.

Toilet Moves Back And Forth

The toilet remains fixed and secured on the floor. However, sometimes, the toilet gets wobbly and start shaking whenever you sit on it. That would mean it is not resting firmly on the floor. You need to address this issue immediately as it can lead to other problems as well.

If the toilet wobbles, it can damage the drainage pipe and the flooring. This problem can occur over time or due to the raised toilet flange.

Toilet Handle Problems

Another toilet plumbing problem occurs when the toilet handle gets stuck or lose. If the toilet handle sticks in the lowered position, then the water keeps flowing. You need to check if its screws or nuts are not too tight. Also, check the flapper valve to see if it opens smoothly.

Moreover, the toilet handle can loosen up due to lose nuts. The debris can collect over and around the handle, which mounts up the screws inside the toilet tank. So, you need to clean the dirt and tighten the handle, so it can move smoothly and correctly.

Hire A Plumbing Contractor in Singapore

Repairing toilet plumbing problems can be challenging and messy. It causes a lot of mess and makes you dirty. So, if you want to avoid it, then hire a plumbing contractor in Singapore. A professional plumber would know how to deal with toilet plumbing.

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