toilet water leaking 17 Nov 2020

Once I was staying in a hotel and when I came out of the shower, the floor was all wet. I assumed it was due to the shower but it turned out that it was due to the toilet leaking water. Is your bathroom also flooding but you don’t seem to find any visible cause? If so, you might want to check if your toilet bowl needs repair. Toilet leaking water damages the floor and it gets smelly all over the place.

Cause of Toilet leaking water

1) The most common cause of the leaking toilet tank is the faulty flapper. When a tight seal against the valve seat and flapper fails to sit correctly because of dripping water, ultimately water starts leaking from the tank into the bowl.

2) It can also be due to the damage or breakage of the wax seal at the base of the toilet.

3) Moreover, the bolts can loosen up with time and cause leakage.

How to know if the toilet bowl is leaking from the base?

When the toilet’s seal under the bathroom fails, the toilet starts leaking. When the water pools around the toilet base, it means that the toilet seal has failed. When the seal fails, the water flows on the floor. You can soak up the water from the floor and dry it off. You can sponge the toilet and toilet bowl with a towel and brush. Wait for a while until a new puddle forms on the floor. It is obvious now that the toilet is leaking from its base.

How do you fix it?

You can fix the toilet quickly by trying out some quick methods.
If the toilet water is leaking from beneath the toilet, you can correct it by tightening the loosened closet bolts that are causing the problem. Tightening them will secure and stop the toilet from leaking water to the floor. You can use a slotted screwdriver or putty knife to pry off the caps covering the bolts. You can also use a wrench for hard tightening but one needs to be very cautious with the wrench as it can break the base of the toilet bowl if you are not a pro at using a wrench. You need to be very careful about the bottom of the toilet bowl. However, you may need to call services for toilet bowl repair in Singapore if this method of tightening toilet bolts is not working.

Main tools that are required:

1) Wrench used for tightening the bolts of the toilet bowl

2) Toilet plunger which is used for unclogging sinks & removing clogs in the toilet

3) Plumber’s tape which is used for sealing the minor leak

How to replace a toilet bowl repair in Singapore?

Now that you know about the possible causes of toilet leaking water, you will learn how to replace a toilet bowl easily at your home.

1- Flush the toilet efficiently and carefully after turning off the water supply valve.

2- Draining the toilet is an essential step before beginning toilet replacement or repair. Remove the excess water from the tank and the toilet bowl with a mop or large sponge.

3- Remove the mounting nuts and disconnect the water supply from the tank to the toilet bowl and between the toilet tank or tailpiece. Use the wrench to unscrew the nuts.

4- Lift the bowl of toilet and tank assembly off the surface of the floor quickly. The toilet bowl is easy to remove once the bolts are removed. Place the bowl of a toilet on the floormat or old rug.

5- Remove the old wax from the toilet’s bottom by using a putty knife, and inspect the flange in the toilet water closet. In case it is destroyed or damaged, you will have to replace it.

6- And test fit the new installing toilet bowl. If your new bowl of the toilet is of a different size, you have to test fit it with care. Make sure that your new bowl sits accurately.

7- Apply the wax ring over the base of the toilet bowl. With firmly well seated, be careful about protecting the wax ring and avoid damaging it with the use of different tools.

8- Set the new toilet bowl and tighten the nuts with a wrench and help of a screw and make sure to not tighten the nuts too much that will risk cracking the base tank base of the new toilet bowl.

9- Reconnect the tubs and the water supply to the new toilet’s fill valve. Fill the new toilet tank and flush the toilet, and checked either it is working correctly or not.

Services offering Best Toilet Bowl Repair in Singapore

If you are not good at these chores, do not take the risk and call the professionals. Owing to their busy schedules, many people do not have enough time to do all the repairs by themselves. It is the best idea to ask for the best services of toilet bowl repair in your area. The professional plumbers come to your place, take care of all the procedures, and replace the bowl without making any mess. K. Heng Plumbing, best plumbing contractor in singpore will send its experienced and reliable plumbers that will do their job in no time. They can also fix other issues of your toilet with a guarantee.