clogged kitchen repair 25 Nov 2020

At home, a clogged kitchen sink is the most dreaded situation for many people. But, it is inevitable; even though you want to avoid it, you will face a Clogged Kitchen Sink at some point in time. The reason is the frequent use of kitchen sinks to wash utensils. A clogged sink is the most common plumbing system problem that you will come across. So, you must understand the causes behind a sink choke, and what you can do to fix it. However, it is impossible to tackle all home maintenance issues by yourself. You can try, but there is no guarantee of your handiwork. At that time, you would need help from a professional plumber.

Let’s see what can you do to prevent the kitchen sink choke. Also, when would you need help from a professional for clogged sink repair?

Reasons for Clogged Kitchen Sink

As said, the kitchen is in use, almost 24/7 to wash utensils and appliances. The clogging of the kitchen sink also occurs regularly. It happens due to careless usage and low maintenance. These two things cause the usual sink clogging:

Dumping of Food in the Sink

People are not mindful of what is going down the drain. They dump plates or cups with grains of food and particles in the sink. These remnants of food go down the drain and stick to the kitchen pipe. As a result, the kitchen sink pipe starts clogging.

There comes a time when the clogging increases because nobody cleaned it up. Hence, your kitchen sink pipe chokes and the water starts standing up in it.

The right thing you can do is take out all the food particles and dump them in the dustbin. When the debris that’s going down the drain decreases, your kitchen sink will have fewer chances of a blockage. Some kitchen sinks have a bottle trap to catch big pieces of food. But, that trap also gets full over time, and you have to clean it to stop from choking.

Grease and Oil

Another cause of a clogged sink is grease or oily liquids. When the oil goes into the pipe, it cools down and solidifies along the way. This process slowly starts clogging up your kitchen pipe. With time, the grease makes a sticky growth of debris on the pipe and catches other particles coming into the pipe.

Once this grease clog builds up, it becomes difficult to resolve and clean it. This greasy clog can reach up to the drainage system where it will be impossible to access it.

So, to avoid such a clogging, you must remove any greasy or oily stuff from the utensils. Before pouring oily liquid into the sink, you should try to dilute it with hot water and dish detergent. That way, you can prevent the clogging of kitchen pipes.

How to Fix Clogged Kitchen Sink?

Clearing of a clogged drain can take anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour. With no experience, you will have to experiment with different solutions. The task could be grimy and messy. There are chances of you getting hurt as well.

Below are some of the ways you can employ to fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink.

Use of Home Remedies

The first line of defence that you can use against a clogged sink is a home remedy. You can apply readily available products at home to unclog a sink.

The first thing you can do is pour hot boiling water down into the drain. Repeat this procedure many times with a consistent and steady stream of water. Once the water stops standing and starts draining with no chokes, your mission is accomplished.

Note: Avoid this method if you have PVC pipes running from your sink. Hot water can damage PVC piping.

The second thing that you can do to unclog the sink is use baking soda and vinegar. Remove any standing water from the kitchen sink. Then, pour down a cup of baking soda and vinegar in it. Let these two sit in the pipe for about 15 minutes, and then run boiling water over it.

Take Help from a Plunger

Using a plunger is the quickest solution to fix clogs. You take the plunger and then reach down to the choking pipe. Start plunging up and down to clear the debris. Then, repeat this process until the water starts running down the drain.

Use a Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is a valuable tool to push through the drain for cleaning. It has little teeth on the sides that help in dislodging the clog. You insert it in the sink pipe to grind away any blockages.

Kitchen Sink P-Trap Cleaning

There is a P-trap under your kitchen sink’s pipe. The food particles can clog it. To clean this P-trap, you need to unscrew the connections under the sink. Then, take out the P-trap and clean all the debris. After that, place it back to its position. Sometimes, you might as well need a plumbing snake to clear the blocked area past the P-trap.

Call The Plumber

When all the methods fail, or you think the problem is out of your hands, call a professional plumber. It is the most reliable, quick, and cost-efficient method of unclogging your kitchen sink. A trained plumber would know what to do without any trials and errors.

When Do You Need Clogged Sink Repair?

When none of your do-it-yourself methods works to fix sink choke, you know you are in trouble. A serious plumbing problem is challenging for you to handle. Sometimes, you cannot even decipher the cause of the clogging.

In such circumstances, you need a professional plumber for your clogged sink repair. A skilled plumber can repair your choking kitchen sink fast and efficiently.

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