toilet repair Singapore 27 Nov 2020

You cannot flush the toilet – this is the last thing you would want to hear. Whether it is a minor toilet leak or a significant clogging issue, toilet problems are always a hassle to deal with. Ensuring that your toilet works appropriately is essential at home. Due to frequent use, bathrooms have a high possibility of developing a fault. When an issue occurs, you have two choices: try to fix it yourself or call an experienced plumber.

Toilet bowl repair and replacement is not an easy task. You might need a plumbing contractor in Singapore to repair toilet bowls. 

Common Toilet Problems 

Many types of toilet problems can occur at your home. They can also vary in their severity from minor leakage to a choked toilet. Some of the most common issues are:

Clogged Toilet Bowl

If your toilet bowl is slow to get empty, also known as a weak flush, it means there is a clog. Once the toilet bowl chokes, the water starts overflowing. Due to foreign objects, the toilet blocks, and it becomes a mess of dirt and awful stench.

In this situation, you need to check clogging under the toilet rim. At times of complete blockage, plumbing tools like a plunger helps in clearing out the line.

Water Leaking Into the Bowl

Sometimes, you can hear a constant noise of water filling the toilet bowl. The reason is a slow leak from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl. Plumbers call it a phantom flush. This problem occurs due to a bad flapper and flapper seat.

To repair it, you need to drain out the toilet bowl and tank. Then, check the flapper, clean it, or replace it in case of damage. You might need a plumbing contractor in Singapore to help you out with this.

Toilet Seat Misalignment

It might not look like a significant issue, but it is quite common. The toilet seat can loosen up due to lose screws, nuts, and bolts. The seat needs fixing up by tightening these screws. But, you can come across some rusting nuts as well. In this case, change the nuts, screws, and seat bolts. Further, you can change the entire toilet seat if it is not repairable. 

Water Dripping Into the Toilet Tank

If you can hear odd noises from your toilet tank, there are chances of water dripping in the tank through the supply line. In this case, you need to open the whole toilet tank and check its parts. It can happen due to a broken float, refill tube, or inlet valve.

Sometimes, this problem might require a toilet tank replacement. It needs a complete inspection of the toilet tank and its connections.

Common Causes for Toilet Bowl Choking 

You face an unresolved clog and leakage at home, yet you cannot find the reason. Once you understand the cause, it gets easy to solve the problem. In the case of toilet bowl choking and clogging, it happens most commonly due to the following reasons.

Excessive Tissues

Tissues are the enemy of the toilet bowl. You think that flushing down a bunch of tissues is not a problem, you are wrong! Tissues can go down and clog the toilet piping. As a result, the toilet bowl faces a blockage and gets difficult to flush down. 

To prevent such a situation, the right way is to avoid throwing tissues into the toilet. The more you refrain from such activities, the better it would be for you.

Personal Products Blockage

The second most common cause of toilet clogging is personal products. These personal hygienic products can include sanitary pads, tampons, Q-tips, and more. Even if their packet said it is flushable, do not take the risk of obstruction.

You should use some common sense to understand what can clog a toilet. Any solid thing that can accumulate under the pipe can cause a blockage. So, you should avoid flushing such products in the toilet.

Hair Clogs

It might look a bit weird to have hair clogging the toilet. But some people do have a habit of flushing down the hair and cleaning their brushes into the toilet. This practice can lead to a clump of hair into the toilet. As a result, the toilet bowl clogs and chokes.

You can prevent this cause by being mindful towards it. Try not to flush hair or any debris that can congeal down the drain and block it.

Object Clogs the Toilet

You never know when an object gets thrown into the toilet. Many things, including toilet product packing, cleaning brushes, and tank deodorizers, can go under the toilet. Once they are down the drain, they get stuck and stays standstill in the pipe. As a result, your toilet bowl does not empty soon and chokes. 

For such a problem, you need a professional for toilet bowl repair in Singapore. It would be difficult for you to handle, as it needs some plumbing tools to get to the object. So, be careful in handling what goes down the drain!

When Do You Call A Plumber For Toilet Bowl Repair In Singapore?

You can try to fix some of the common toilet problems yourself. But, not many people like to get their hands dirty in the toilet. Besides, repairing or unclogging a toilet is a tough task and takes time. So, if you have less time and want to avoid the mess, then take help from a professional.

Sometimes, the reason behind a toilet choke is unclear and severe. In such a situation, only a plumber can come to your rescue. A trained, professional plumber will help you in toilet bowl repair in Singapore. 

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