rubbish chute 31 Dec 2020

At home, you require many necessities to live a good life. Your home must be equipped with several facilities to carry out many house functions easily. Some of these facilities include water heater installation, rubbish chute installation, and rubbish chute replacement.

The water heater is significant to combat cold weather. You need to have warm water to perform many household activities. Similarly, rubbish chute plays a critical role in keeping your home clean and free of garbage.

So, we are going to look at some of the benefits of installing water heaters and rubbish chutes in Singapore.

Benefits Of Water Heater Installation

Save Money

Several options for water heaters are available today. You can choose a suitable water heater for your home as per your need. Select the size and type of water heater that befits your requirement. The cost will depend on the size; however, it would still be affordable.

Further, if you choose a gas water heater, it would need pipes and a ventilation system to vent the exhaust. In contrast, the electric water heater installation is quick and easy. It does not mostly need to make any changes in the home.

Effective And Efficient

Water heaters become a great companion to you in winters. They warm the water for you to wash utensils, clothes, take showers, and other stuff. Many water heaters save energy by using less amount of fuel/electricity to heat the water. These heaters help in reducing energy demand.

Moreover, highly efficient heaters work effectively, for a longer duration. Some of the high-efficiency water heaters can be expensive, but they turn out to be quite cost-effective in the long run. You save, energy, fuel, and money by purchasing those heaters that take less energy.

Safe To Use

Water heaters provide a safe water heating system. However, water heaters do pose some risks like gas leakage, in case of gas water heaters. Moreover, any short circuit or wiring problems can occur with electric gas heater. However, with proper maintenance, you can rule out such issues with water heaters.

If you choose a professional for water heater installation, the chances of any problem reduce. An expert knows how to fit and install the water heating system. So, if you plan to have a water heater, then contact an experienced plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Easy Installation

Water heaters are easy to install at home. They do come with some technicalities; however, it is not a massive work. If you hire a professional, they can install the water heaters in a moment and save your time.


Modern water heaters are compact and small. They do not require much space to fit in your home. So, you can place the water heaters anywhere at home. That is why water heaters are getting popular among residents of Singapore. Water heaters are efficient, cost-effective, and compact with easy installation.


If you select a high-efficiency water heater, it will be robust, with a long life. The sturdy body and durability play a crucial role in making these water heaters reliable. You will even come across a water heater that comes with a warrantyof 20 to 25 years.


With a compact body, water heaters need minimal space for installation. They raise the temperature and warm the water instantly. So, you can place them anywhere with convenience to use them regularly.

Benefits Of Rubbish Chute Installation And Rubbish Chute Replacement

Easy Disposal Of Garbage

Who would want to go all the way outside to dump garbage? Rubbish chute installation saves the residents of a building from moving up and down to dispose of the garbage. People can simply open the rubbish chute lid and throw the trash.

Rubbish chutes have made life easy for the apartment residents. That is why it is in high demand in Singapore; people want to get a rubbish chute installed in their apartments. Many buildings do have rubbish chutes present; however, in case of a problem, you might need to go for rubbish chute replacement.

Improved Hygiene

Within a home, the collection of garbage is inevitable. If the trash stays within a home, it can create a dirty mess and invite many bacteria, insects, and pests. Due to which, many diseases and illnesses can spread out and make you sick.

However, the rubbish chute installation resolves these issues. It helps in maintaining a safe distance from the garbage. Also, it removes the foul smell and odour from the surroundings. When the trash is away from home, the insects and bacteria will not even grow up in a clean environment. So, rubbish chute works like a cleaner for homes and buildings.

Convenient To Use

Another one of the benefits of the rubbish chute is that it is convenient for everyone. Carrying large bags of trash and garbage down the stairs or elevators is a risk. The trash bags can split, or the carrier might get dirty after touching those bags.

So, rubbish chute saves the homeowners from this inconvenience. It only needsan easy walk to the place where the rubbish chute is installed. You can throw the garbage through the chute, and it will hit the ground directly. From the ground, trash bags can be collected quickly.

Trash Does Not Pile Up

With a rubbish chute, you can dispose of the garbage at any time, as per your convenience. So, you will not worry about the piling up of waste in your home. You can collect the garbage and throw it in the rubbish chute whenever you see fit. Thus, the trash goes out of the house, easily and conveniently.

Hire A Professional

Water heater installation, rubbish chute installation, and rubbish chute replacement are technical and complex tasks. You might think you can do it yourself; however, that is not always possible. Sometimes, you do require the help of a professional to save time and your appliances.

K. Heng Plumbing in Singapore can handle Water heater installation, rubbish chute installation, and rubbish chute replacement, efficiently. As an expert, you can trust K. Heng Plumbing’s services and contact them whenever needed.